Mark 10:17-22

Everyone has an image of the person he or she wants to be. Sometimes the image is just minor changes. You want to lose a few pounds. You want to be a nicer person. You’d like to watch less TV.

Other times we have bigger ideas in mind. You want to start a new career. You’d like to run a marathon. You want to make a bigger impact in your community.

The problem rests, not in our dreams, but in our ability to push past momentary desires to be the person we imagine. We want to lose weight, but we can’t resist the plate of cookies. We want to run a marathon, but the couch is so comfortable. We want to start a new career, but it’s too much work.

Christians do the same thing. We all want to be dedicated disciples, followers of Jesus who are willing to take up our cross. But sin is what keeps us from living that way in our daily decisions. Sometimes it just easier, more comfortable, to choose disobedience to God.

One of the most common areas is our finances. We love money. Actually, we love what money can do for us. We love that it can buy us a nice meal at a great restaurant. We love that it can get us access to great movies and fantastic TV series. We love that it can buy toys for the kids and get them soccer leagues.

But we also want to be generous people. We want to have a strong relationship with our God. We want to be able to give. The love of money interferes with those things. Our day-to-day decisions with money just don’t match up with the person we want to be. It’s a trap. How can we find freedom? Only in following Christ.

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