Three times in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus predicts that he will die and rise from the dead. Each time, his disciples don't understand what he is talking about. In Mark 10, James and John ask Jesus to place them at his right and his left in his glory. They don't see Jesus as a suffering servant. instead, they want glory and power. Jesus tells them that anyone who would be great must be the servant of all.

We try to take Jesus' words to heart in the church, but it is difficult to fight our human nature. Leaders want to take power and status rather than focusing on serving. We have to keep coming back to our Savior to receive his word and keep his cross in our minds. Followers, too, want to assert their own power. Rather than submit their lives to the rest of the church, we like to go our own way. That's not what Jesus did. He submitted to the will of his Father. 

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